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João Simões

Software Engineer, Computer Software

Hi, my name is João Simões, and I'm a Computer and Software Engineer working at Accenture.

João Simões's Bio:

Hi, my name is João Simões, and I'm Computer Science and Computer Engineer.   Currently working as a technology consultant, João Simões is responsible for planning and designing the architecture of large scale applications which, due to clients business requirements, normally fall into web services (REST or SOAP) or websites, but desktop and mobile applications are also common.   João Simões loves technology (probably too much for his own sake) which, in conjunction with the experience gains through such a wide range of projects, allows him to gain extensive knowledge in some of the most commonly used programming languages, being great examples Java, C#, Javascript, SQL, C/C++ or Objective-C. While using all this languages, he also gained expertise in frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundations, Entity Framework, jQuery, Spring Framework, jBPM, Liferay and more.   When it comes to persisting information, João Simões knows SQL databases extremely well, specially MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle, while having some knowledge about NoSQL databases, like MongoDB.   Technology aside, he tries his best to stay updated with the latest news about science, especially when it comes to physics, and economics.   He is also the owner of - a blog he recently started!

João Simões's Experience:

  • Consultant at Glintt

    Currently working as a consultant for a client that has more than two thousand Portuguese pharmacies as clients or associates, the team is developing a wide range of applications to help manage all the business, from Web to desktop applications. Making extensive use of frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, jQuery, Windows Communication Foundation, Entity Framework, Castle Windsor, SQL Server and Oracle, to make sure the servers meet the required up-time, the team is also developing a large scale Windows application that should replace the existing and older version for a new and more agile desktop application that must be completely autonomous, even without internet access. For this challenge, using frameworks like Windows Presentation Foundation, WCF, Oracle XE have been crucial.

  • Senior Programmer at Accenture

    Designed and implemented Web application for the internal management of various government entities, using a wide range of Java, C# and Javascript frameworks like Liferay, MySQL, Hibernate, Entity Framework, Spring, Activiti, Jasper Reports and jQuery. I also had the main role to completely integrate Liferay authentication modules with our government Authentication Provider, through the SAML 2.0 protocol, and to guarantee that all your applications implemented the expected design patterns, like Unit of Work, Repositories, MVC, and others, while also developing a Web Forms application that could dynamically create forms given some back office configurations. The database engines used by our applications were SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL, being experienced in all of them.

  • Programmer at Accenture

    Responsible for the maintenance and development of intranet applications using SQL Server and Oracle as database engines, while implementing the web layers with ASP.NET, Apache Struts and common client side technologies (HTML, Javascript, CSS). In the later months I was responsible to plan the architecture of an Android and iOS applications while also planning the implementation of an internal management Windows application that would run over the Windows Presentation Foundation framework. Also, during my first three months at the company, I learned and maintained SAP ABAP custom modules.

João Simões's Education:

  • Microsoft Learning

    Concentration: .Net Framework 4, Windows Applications
  • Microsoft Learning

    Concentration: SQL Server 2008, Database Development
  • Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

    Concentration: Computer and Software Engineering

João Simões's Interests & Activities:

Technologies, physics, F1, SBK and football

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